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Bench Warrants in Colorado Springs

Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Lawyer

A bench warrant can become a serious problem for some if it is not handled correctly. When a judge considers that you are in contempt of court for violating a regulation, in most cases missing a court date, he or she may issue a bench warrant. It may also be issued for those that fail to obey the terms of their traffic ticket. A bench warrant authorizes law enforcement to find the offending party, arrest them, and bring them before the court. Bench warrants are used to arrest an individual so that he or she can be brought before the court. An arrest warrant and a bench warrant are both ordered by a judge but the main difference between them is that an arrest warrant is issued to apprehend someone that is being charged with a criminal offense.

What Is a Bench Warrant?

A bench warrant is used to apprehend someone that is in violation of court orders but not being charged with a criminal offense. A Colorado Springs criminal attorney can help you ensure that your rights are not violated. As with all warrants, there must be valid reason for it to be issued and in these cases it can be a little more clear cut if a person was not present for a court date. The municipal court in Colorado Springs will send a notification letter for those that have a warrant against them. It is important to take action immediately, rather than waiting around. There will be a fee for the warrant service that is issued by the court. A bail amount will be set by the judge that ordered the warrant in the first place. To resolve the matter when the bail amount is lower than $200, you can visit the clerk at the municipal court. In these cases it will be fairly easy to have the matter dropped by scheduling a new court date. If the amount is higher, then it will be necessary for a bond to be posted.

A bench warrant is not affected by the Statute of Limitations and there is no limit on how long after it is issues that an arrest can occur. When the warrant is issued, the court will need to inform the Department of Revenue’s Motor Vehicle Division. They will charge an additional fee on top of the ones that have already been faced, along with revoking the driving privileges of the individual. For those that have an out of state license, the DMV will go through that state in order to revoke the license. Once the individual with the bench warrant is arrested, he or she will be presented with the bench warrant. It is usually not recommended that you just wait around to be arrested. This could greatly harm your future.

Hire a Colorado Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

If you hire an attorney, you will be securing your rights and lessening the amount of legal trouble that you will have to face in the future. If you have already been arrested, contact an attorney immediately. If specific regulations were not followed during the arrest, the bench warrant may be considered unlawful. Are you unsure if you actually have a warrant out? You call the court directly to find out and this is important to do as soon as possible so you can find out if you need to take further action. Our attorneys have helped many clients overcome bench warrants so that they can live without the stress of wondering when they will get arrested. You deserve to live without a bench warrant looming over you. Call our firm today to find out how we can help.

For more information about bench warrants, contact a Colorado Springs, CO criminal defense lawyer from our legal team.

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